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Pompadour 1/2" Thermostatic Valve Pompadour Shower Comb. on Sliding Bar w. Elbow Pompadour Wall Mounted 4-Port Diverter Pompadour Wall Valve 3/4" Pompadour Wall Valve 1/2" 2248-T & 2248-R “Pompadour” 1/2” Wall Valve 2259 “Pompadour” Adjustable Wall Body Spray 2249-T & 2249-R “Pompadour” 1/2”  Thermostatic Valve 2255-T & 2255-R “Pompadour” 3/4” Wall Valve 2256 “Pompadour” Wall Mounted 4-Port Diverter Valve 2258 “Pompadour” Shower Combination with 1/2” Wall Elbow 2264 “Pompadour” Showerhead, Arm  & Flange Pompadour Showerhead, Arm & Flange Pompadour 3/4" Thermostatic Valve Pompadour Adj. Wall Body Spray 2273-T & 2273-R “Pompadour” 3/4” Thermostatic Valve EXT-2255 Extension Kit for “Pompadour” Wall Valve 8" Extension Kit for Thermostatic Valve
Pompadour 1/2" Pressure Balance Valve with Diverter 2276-T & 2276-R  “Pompadour” Pressure  Balance Valve Pompadour 1/2" Pressure Balance Valve 2277-T & 2277-R  “Pompadour” Pressure  Balance Valve