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0106 “Carline”  Vitreous China Corner Sink Charles Ped. Sink Empire & Art Deco Metal Washstand Empire Washbasin & Metal Washstand Empire Ped. Sink Charleston Ped. Sink Carline Corner Sink 0303 & 0304 “Charleston” Washbasin & Pedestal 0320 & 0321 “Empire” Washbasin and Pedestal 0320 & 0322 “Empire” Washbasin & Metal Washstand 0323 “Empire & Art  Deco” Washstand
Carla Ped. Sink 0311 & 0312 “Carla” Washbasin and Pedestal 0301 & 0304 “Charles” Washbasin & Pedestal Monarque Metal Washstand 0325 “Monarque” Metal Washstand Charleston Metal Washstand 0324 “Charleston” Metal Washstand Bel' Epoque Lav. Table 0360 & 0362  “Bel’ Epoque” Lavatory Table Charlotte Oval Bowl 0406 “Charlotte” Vitreous China  Countertop Oval Bowl 0410 “Loire” Hammered Oval Bowl Loire Hammered Oval Bowl Vitreous China Vessel Bowl 0411 Copper & Brass Vessel Bowl Copper & Brass Vessel Bowl 0409 Vitreous China Vessel Bowl 0302 Decorative  Brackets for 0301 & 0311 Decorative Brackets 0371 “Art Deco” Metal Washstand Art Deco Metal Washstand Coupole Round Bowl 0415 “Coupole” Porcelain Round  Countertop Lav. Bowl Vasque Coupole Round Bowl 0416 “Vasque Coupole” Porcelain Round  Countertop Lav. Bowl Lune Round Bowl 0417 “Lune” Porcelain Round  Countertop Lav. Bowl